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Niall Horan – Heaven

Ο Niall Horan ανακοινώνει το 3o solo album στην καριέρα του μετά την διάλυση των One Direction, με τίτλο “The Show”.
Το νέο single & προπομπός του άλμπουμ είναι το “Heaven”, που έγραψε με τους John Ryan & Joel Little!

“There’s so much pressure for people to hit certain milestones by a certain age – you get married at this age, buy a house at that age, have kids at some other age. But I’ve never conformed to those ideas, and so I wanted to write about how we all should just focus on enjoying our lives and doing what feels right, instead of worrying about what might be expected of us.” – Niall Horan

Today is 2023-05-31